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Dr. Jim Leonidas Ph.D., C. Psych.

Registered Clinical Counselling Psychologist

Canadian Register Health Service Psychologists

Web site: http://www.DrJimPsychologist.Com

E-Mail: JimLeonidas@Mac.Com

Telephone Voice Mail: 416.484.9912

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Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. Plato.

I don't believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive. Joseph Campbell


5 Psychological Services.

My Working Hours.

I Serve People of All Ages.

Issues, Difficulties, Questions, Concerns, Problems, and Challenges People Present.

Interrelationship Between Our Emotional and Physical Well Being.

Ask for Help.

Psychology is the art of finding the gold of the spirit. Robert Johnson

5 Psychological Services

Individual Counselling for Women and Men. 

Anxiety, depression, emotional stress, fears, phobias, psychological trauma. Death, grief, loss, and mourning. Physical, mental, emotional, sexual abuse, and neglect. Family violence. Emotional wounds. Stuttering. Moderating over control. Transforming self-criticism into self-nurturing attitudes and behavior. Confidence, self-worth and body self-image issues.

Relationship Counselling. 

Building, creating a working marriage. Rekindling passion, deepening, and revitalizing long-standing partnerships. Communication blocks, emotional distance, power struggles, destructive conflict. Divorce, extramarital affairs, separation, reconciliation, and relationship ending. Recovering and learning from past relationships. Developing trust and openness to closeness, intimacy, and commitment.

Career Planning and Development, Job Stress. 

Defining work interests, passions, and generic transferable skills. Reentering the work force. Reviewing mid-life career direction. Focusing lifework purpose and meaning. Uncertainty. Constant change. Moderating over work. Burnout. Job dissatisfaction. Getting laid off or worrying about it. Fewer people doing the same amount of work. Demanding bosses. 

Mind-Body Psychological Health Well Being

Building psychological robustness, resiliency, hardiness, and optimism. Mobilizing a person’s resources for health and well being. Preventing physical illnesses caused by stress. Recovering from life-threatening illness. Learning how to live with chronic disease. Psychological preparation and recovery from surgery and other kinds of treatments. 

Parent-Child Coaching, Child and Adolescent Counselling. 

Supporting parents, strengthening families. Parent-child and parent-adolescent relationship issues. Stressful family life transitions and changes. Challenge of dual careers in balancing family life. Baby boomers caring for young children and aging parents. Fortifying one-parent families.

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you. Rumi


Hourly appointments available Tuesday to Thursday. 

I do NOT work Monday, Friday Saturday, Sunday.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday scheduled appointment times beginning promptly 8 AM, 9 AM, 10 AM, 2 PM, 3 PM, 4 PM, 5 PM, 6 PM and 7 PM. 

Last appointment begins 7 PM Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Appointments start promptly on the hour at the beginning of your appointment time, last for a full 60 minute hour and end promptly at the completion of the hour. 

You are invited and welcomed to arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time.

Wisdom begins in wonder. Socrates

I Serve People of All Ages

I work with young, middle, and older adults, male and female; parents, mothers and fathers and their young people; infants, children, and adolescents; couples, partners and people in a variety of relationships; families of different cultures and heritage backgrounds; and people in their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

I work with people and couples on the telephone and other online web video formats. I have been working with people on the telephone since September 1971, other video formats since 1973. My Master’s research at University of Waterloo 1973 evaluated the effectiveness of telephone counselling. This manner of working is powerful when done skillfully.

Upon my discretion I work on site, in people’s locations, homes, places of work, outdoors, while walking, and while sitting beside the river. Inquire about fees for work held outside my office.

I would love to live as a river flows, carried by the surprise of it’s own unfolding. John O’Donohue

Issues, Difficulties, Questions, Concerns, Problems, and Challenges People Present

Feelings of hopelessness, discouragement, depression, resignation, futility. 

Issues of self-worth, self-image, body-image, confidence, valuing-oneself. 

Managing life transitions, crisis points through out the life cycle, stages and changes in adult, adolescent, child, and infant development. 

Feeling overwhelmed, too much. 

Confusion, drifting, lost, aimlessness. 

Searching, discovering, and clarifying your purpose, meaning, direction in living.

Clearing past relationship history, unfinished emotional business interfering your present life functioning. 

Forgiveness, emotional injuries, communication blocks, conflicts. 

Relationship beginnings. 

Developing trust, opening to intimacy, commitment. 

Relationship ending, separating. 

Healing, recovering, learning from past relationships. 

Deepening, enriching, revitalizing, strengthening ongoing partnerships. 

Learning how to give and receive love.

Learning to listen and understand yourself and others more fully, creating lasting bonds.

Moving beyond power struggles to co-creating, co-operation and trust.

Creating a quality of connection that embodies unconditional love.

Dealing with death, our internal relationship to death, the dying process. 

Sadness, hurt and loss. 

Stress management. 

Skills for relaxation, grounding, quieting, stilling, anchoring, rooting and centering.

Transforming self-criticism, developing self-nurturing attitudes and behavior.

Evolving self and other judgment, criticism, and blame into compassionate connection with self and with others.

Feeling stuck, blocked. 

Incompleteness, emptiness, blankness, numbness, not feeling anything. 

Conflicted, ambivalent, mixed feelings.

Unresolved anger, guilt. 

Different kinds of fears. 

Anxious, nervous, jittery, uneasy feelings.

Mobilizing a person's inner resources for health. 

Interrelationship between emotional and mental state, with physical health and the organic healing process of the body organism.

Job dissatisfaction, burnout prevention.

Career redesign and redirection.

Lifework planning issues.

Rediscovering, awakening to one's inner feeling emotional world. 

Making friends with emotions, utilitzing feelings creatively.

Recovering, discovering a sense of zest, vitality, joy, sparkliness, energy for creative work and personal life. 

Intensive life style consultation. 

Promoting a sense of inner integration, harmony. 

Developing peace of mind, equanimity and contentment.

Balancing work and family life. 

Concerns about trust, being, spirit and faith. 

Discovering a sense of inner rhythm and harmony. 

Clarifying values and priorities. 

Developing new ways and patterns of living.

Preventing future pain and misunderstandings with ourselves and with others.

Moving in the direction of communicating acceptance and caring to different parts of ourselves.

Strengthening and calming our essential core self.

Learning to work with our less helpful parts of ourselves, so that they don’t have to react, act out so much, and no longer need to get in our way.

You are amazing grace. You are a precious jewel. You special, miraculous, unrepeatable, fragile, fearful, tender, lost, sparkling, ruby, emerald, jewel, rainbow, splendor person. Joan Baez

Interrelationship Between Our Emotional and Physical Well-Being 

What is the contribution of my emotional and physical well-being to my presenting issues? 

Sleep: I haven't been able to sleep well for some time. I'm having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. All I want to do is sleep. 

Interests: I've lost interest in hobbies and other things that usually give me pleasure. I'm having a hard time enjoying life. 

Guilt: Lately, I've been very nervous, jittery and agitated. My heart feels like it is racing. I have these constant feelings of guilt. 

Energy: For some time now, I've been feeling lethargic and run down. I have low energy. I can't seem to motivate myself to do anything. Lately, I've had this incredible increase in energy. I feel like I'm bouncing off the walls. I can't seem to slow down or relax. 

Concentration: I've been having a hard time concentrating at work and home. I find it difficult to focus on assignments and complete tasks. 

Appetite: I don't have much of an appetite these days. For some time now, I haven't had the desire to eat. Lately, all I want to do is eat. I can't seem to control my appetite. 

Stress: I've been under much pressure at work lately. I feel stressed out. I'm feeling overwhelmed at work and home. I'm stressed out. I'm having problems in my relationship and often feel stressed out over it. 

Sex: I've lost all interest in sex. I don't seem to have a sex drive these days. For sometime now, I've had this extreme sex drive. I can't seem to turn it off. 

Our emotional well-being has a profound affect on our physical well-being. When we are physically not well, there is a strong relationship to our emotional well-being. 

How is the interrelationship between my emotional and physical well-being affecting my current issues?

The deep sense that every person is important and needed and has a gift to offer to the whole.  Jean Vanier

Ask for Help

Ask for help early, preferably before you need to. Your issue will resolve more readily.

It is a sign of strength, resourcefulness, and wisdom when you give yourself permission to ask for help. It is all right to ask for help. You don’t need to do it all alone anymore.

Build and strengthen strong emotional and social support systems with a variey of people as your key mentors, guides and helping resources that you use daily and weekly.

Ask for help regularly to strengthen yourself, build your resources, robustness, hardiness, and resiliency.

Don’t wait until you are over your head. Create regular weekly scheduled appointments with your key mentors, guides and helping resources.

Create and develop your own self-guided learning and change projects. Find key mentors, guides and helping resources for yourself.

Build regular self-care structures for yourself. Restore, renew, replenish, rejuvenate regularly. Expand and nourish your completeness and wholeness.

Stimulate, animate, and cultivate your creativity, productivity, energy, vitality, gratitude, laughter, and fun.

Ask for help when what is happening in your life is affecting your sleep, eating habits, job, relationships, sexuality, concentration, and everyday life.

Ask for help when it’s not getting any better, when you feel like you can’t do it alone anymore. 

Ask for help when you feel trapped, helpless, hopeless, when you are feeling like there’s nowhere to turn.

Ask for help when you worry all the time, and never seem to find the answers.

Let the waters settle, you will see the stars and moon mirrored in your being. Rumi

Dr. Jim Leonidas Ph.D., C. Psych.

Registered Clinical Counselling Psychologist

Canadian Register Health Service Psychologists

Web site: http://www.DrJimPsychologist.Com

E-Mail: JimLeonidas@Mac.Com

Telephone Voice Mail: 416.484.9912

10 MCNAIRN Avenue Suite H1 Toronto Ontario Canada M5M 2H5

Nearest major Intersection LAWRENCE Avenue and YONGE Streets LAWRENCE PARK NORTH TORONTO Neighborhood GREATER TORONTO AREA GTA

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. Plato.

The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change. Carl Rogers.

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